Monday, August 2, 2010

Redsail cutter can be used directly form coreldraw

I got the problem about the redsail cutter from a new user ,iam giving the question and the answer which will be helpfull to many users alos.
I have just bought a Redsail cutter/plotter and with it came the Software for Artcut 2009. I am use to working in CorelDraw and now I have to try and learn this new program (Artcut 2009). The problem is that many of my clients send their work in jpg to me and I have no idea how to convert the files from jpg in CorelDraw to work in Artcut 2009. I have contacted Redsail and they have said that I should buy the Cutmate software which then includes a dongle so that my Redsail cutter could work with CorelDraw, the problem is the Cutmate program cost R15 US dollars and the postage to South Africa is R70 US dollars... I think it is crazy!!!

Could you perhaps assist me with this problem?
I have gone through your problem,don't worry.
Here is a solution,
Redsail can be used directly from coreldraw and driver is also available on internet or u can ask it to me also.
so there is no need to buy any dongle and cutmate also.
You can convert the files from JPEG to EPS (which is better for cutter users)using IMPORT/EXPORT option in CorelDraw.It is very simple .
* Select the object.
* Go to File--Import--give filename--set the save to file format to EPS---click next--ok.
and you will get the file converted to EPS.
Please note that the EPS format should postscript and not adobe illust.for better results(quality and sharpness).Instade of converting the files from coreldraw you can directly send files from coreldraw to cutter.Try this and u will get the better can contact me or reffer my blog for more help.

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