Friday, March 26, 2010

coreldraw plug-in for redsail vinyl cutters

RRedsail Technology Co., Ltd
Installation of CorelDraw Drivers
1. Install the redsail cutting plotter driver
A. Run the RedSailDrv from CD
You must select the REDSAIL CUTTER PLOTTER(HPGL) driver,then click OK to continue.
Installation is finished,a REDSAIL printer is in your printers folder: 1
Redsail Technology Co., Ltd
2. Printer Settings
After you set REDSAIL CUTTER PLOTTER as default printer, then make the settings as follows:
A. Ports Settings
For COM1 or COM2, just change ‘’the Flow control’’ to XON/XOFF. 2
Redsail Technology Co., Ltd
B. PAPER Settings,
(1) Click the “Printing Preferences”
(2) Set the Paper Size
(3) Set the Print Quality(Low) 3
Redsail Technology Co., Ltd
3. CorelDraw OutPut
A. Edit Work
(1) For letter or character, first SKETCH them (as Figure 1), then FILL them with NOFILL
(as Figure 2), and PRINT.
Figure 1. CorelDraw Design - 1
Redsail Technology Co., Ltd
Figure 2. CorelDraw Design - 2
B. Online with the Redsail Cutting Plotter:
Before you send out the data to the cutting plotter, please plug the dongle to the usb port of your PC. ONLINE with the Cutting plotter, then you can press “PRINT” to send the data and communicate with the cutting plotter.
C. Print Settings
Select File \ Print, it will display like Figure.3, and do make the right Print settings as Figure 3.
Figure 3. Proper Settiing 5

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